Real Estate SEO Expert
Project 1

Mr. Claremont Real Estate

The buyer’s name is Anthony Grynchal. He is a real estate agent in Claremont, CA, USA and also the owner of the USA-based companies Mr. Cali and DLE Network. When I started working for him, the traffic was not that satisfying on his Google Business Profile and the website. Now the Google Business Profile is generating around 25k-30k visitors every month. He was good at posting regularly on his social media platform, and he was not getting enough calls from there, but when he thought to scale up his business, he started to invest in SEO.

Project 2

The buyer’s name is Gene Baldassano. He is the owner of a USA-based HVAC company named “Pure Comfort HVAC.” He is a very famous HVAC technician in Streamwood, IL, USA. He also wanted to scale up his business and got in contact with me to rank on Google’s top ranking. So I advised him on what to do and demonstrated the plan to him.He was impressed and took my service as he could visualize what results he was going to have after a month. Right now, his business is ranked in the Google Top Position in Google Search and Google Map results.

Project 3

Frank is one of the best clients I’ve ever had. He is a very humble and polite person who does understand how SEO works and has that much patience to get the results from SEO. We ranked for a few important keywords, and I am still working for him to get ranked for more keywords and land more satisfying quality visitors.

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