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Frank is one of the best clients I’ve ever had. He is a very humble and polite person who does understand how SEO works and has that much patience to get the results from SEO. We ranked for a few important keywords, and I am still working for him to get ranked for more keywords and land more satisfying quality visitors.


Local SEO and Website Redesign


Frank Spencer

Case Study

Here is the full process by which we reached the Google #1 position

Site Audit

The website was a single-page website, and I didn’t find any SEO effort had been conducted on the website. So I proposed to him rebuild the website and make separate pages as Google also suggests doing so. He agreed, and with the help of my developer team, we built a brand new website for Frank! So we won’t need to conduct any site audit as we built the site from scratch and we did all the things that were important for SEO.

GMB Audit

When we started on his business, the first thing I looked at was his Google business profile. It wasn’t optimized at all. There was no proper category, secondary category, and other important SEO things set there. So I conducted a quick audit and showed it to Frank. He agreed to make changes to the Google Listing, which I did properly. Local SEO requires GMB optimization, and we can’t underestimate it. 

Keyword research

Frank already provided me with a set of keywords to work with. So I don’t have to find any more keywords. But I did one thing, I analyzed those keywords by using top-rated tools like SEMrush and Ahrefs and sorted out the best key words for his business. Then I finalize those keywords for SEO.

Competitor Analysis

I used SEMrush and Ahrefs for competitor analysis too. I examined all of the links they receive from other websites, their keywords, and the number of visitors who land on their website for which keywords. It really allows me to finalize the keywords too, which I was thinking of working with.

On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO is really important for now, though. All of the finalized keywords are infused into the Meta Title, Meta Description, Image Alt Text, and HTML Heading Tags. To be honest, I’ve seen so many websites for which I’ve worked that proper on-page SEO can be sufficient for ranking on Google without putting any effort into off-page SEO. So I did it properly on Frank’s website so that we could pass a very good signal to Google for ranking.


Off-page SEO is a serious thing that you have to consider to build authority in an industry and rank on Google. I did Profile Backlinks, Social Bookmarking, PDF Submission, and other Off-Page tactics. I only did white hat link building off-page SEO for Frank and I believe it’s enough to get a rank and it’s not good practice to get PBN type backlinks where Google can penalize a site and suspend the Google listing if they can find any relevance with PBN.

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Geo Tagging Images

Geo tagging is one of the best strategies to rank on Google. When I started to work with Frank, I asked him to give me all the images he had so that I could add the geotag to them. I didn’t upload a single image on the website, Google business listing or his social media before applying Geo tag on it. I added key words like geolocation, phone number, address, website url, etc. So when the Google bot comes to visit a page and finds this data, then surely they will pass a good ranking signal to our Google listing and the website.

GMB and Other Social Media Management

I also managed his company’s social media profiles, including his Facebook Page, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube channel, and Google business listing. I created some of them and maintained all of the profiles. I usually post regularly on those profiles as my only concern is to get more phone calls and get more sales. So it was natural to be active on social platforms.

Website Design and Content Writing

As I said earlier, Frank’s website was only on a single page and it wasn’t SEO optimized at all, so with the help of my team, I built a new website for him. I have a very good developer who designs websites really well. The site was really good and, of course, it was more SEO optimized now than before.


So that’s all about it. Although I didn’t cover everything, it is just a quick summary that I did for Frank Business. He was really happy with my service and I really enjoyed working with him. If you also want someone to do SEO for your auto repair shop, then you may ask for my help. I would love to assist you in this case.

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