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The buyer’s name is Anthony Grynchal. He is a real estate agent in Claremont, CA, USA and also the owner of the USA-based companies Mr. Cali and DLE Network. When I started working for him, the traffic was not that satisfying on his Google Business Profile and the website. Now the Google Business Profile is generating around 25k-30k visitors every month. He was good at posting regularly on his social media platform, and he was not getting enough calls from there, but when he thought to scale up his business, he started to invest in SEO.


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Anthony Grynchal

Case Study

Here is the full process by which we reached the Google #1 position

Site Audit

First, I just audited the website and figured out the SEO deficiencies. The site wasn’t SEO optimized and there was no presence of keywords there. The images didn’t have Alt Text properly. The HTML heading wasn’t in the right sequence. The Meta Title and Meta Description were not present. These are some major issues I got from the website. I made a full list and made an action plan to solve those issues.

GMB Audit

After the website audit, I conducted an audit on his Google Business Profile. The Google Listing was lacked the proper category, secondary category, incorrect NAP, regular posting, logo optimization, geo-tagging images, and so on. Same thing here, I took note of all the issues and made an action plan to solve them as quickly as possible.

Keyword research

I conducted a thorough and effective keyword research after solving all of the issues with my Google Business Profile and Website. Although my client gave me some keywords, I also found so many keywords that our competitors are using. It was really fantastic to get those hidden keywords, which have much more search volume and no one is actually using them. So I collected them and optimized the website and Google business profile with them.

Competitor Analysis

After confirming the keywords, I ran a competitor analysis and checked how many difficulties I had to overcome to rank my client’s website in the top position on Google. I analyze the existing ranked businesses and find out what the gold SEO effort was that they added to their business to rank. I also found a lot of SEO issues with them. I collected them and just solved those issues and got my clients’ businesses ranked. How cool, right?

On-Page SEO

It is the most important part of our SEO world. We have to infuse our keywords in heading tags, images, content, etc. So after getting all the keywords and finalizing them and seeing where our competitors are losing their SEO, I just strike on those points and optimize our website. I set proper internal and external links, proper anchor text, and all the other on-page SEO stuff.


Another major SEO thing is OFF-PAGE SEO. For Mr.Calarmont Real Estate, I created backlinks through Social Bookmarking, Image Submission, Directory Submission, PDF Submission, etc . I also created so many citations for Google Business Profile where NAP (Name, Address, and Phone Number) consistency was the major challenge. But I did it properly and we got the result within 2 months.

Real Estate SEO Service

Geo Tagging Images

Geo-tagging images allows Google to understand the image properly. I did this all the time before uploading any images to our social media, website content, and the MLS (a platform for real estate people). I used to add the business name, address, phone number, geo-location coordinates, website URL, keywords etc. So when I add them to the backend of an image and Google crawls it, they get all the information about the business and they consider it to rank in a better place.

GMB and Other Social Media Management

When I was doing SEO for this company, I was also in charge of creating and managing the company’s social media pages, such as its Facebook Page, Instagram Page, Twitter Account, Pinterest Page, LinkedIn Page, and YouTube Channel. I was also assigned to manage the GMB regularly.

I created and optimized them in our first month and posted them almost regularly so that we could generate more sales from those platforms. So optimizing images and videos and then uploading them on social media really took some time, but we got the results too.

Website Design and Content Writing

Although I did SEO for Anthony, for work purposes I have to do Website Design (partial) and Content Writing tasks with the help of my team. I have two designers, one developer, and two content writers in my team.


So these are the few things that give an overview of my whole effort to rank “Mr. Claremont Real Estate” in Google’s top position and generate around 25k–30k visitors every month.

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