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I can help you scale up your revenue by bringing more Local City traffic to your website within 21 Days to get more Local Business. Being the best local SEO expert in Dhaka, it’s my duty to rank you high in a short period of time.

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Optimization and manage the GMB to rank on Google

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Conduct a Proper SEO Audit and take the action plan

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Perform a Keyword Research and infuse those keywords on the site

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Proper Geotagging and Citation will help to boost ranking

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Why Do You Need an SEO Expert in Bangladesh?

You might face not getting enough customers for not ranking on Google Maps or Google First Results. That’s why you are not earning as much as expected. Your Business is not growing its reputation and authoritativeness in your local area, although you provide the best service compared to others.

You are losing every month and not earning enough to bear the monthly cost. For this reason, you might be thinking of stopping your business because you are not earning enough.

But no worries, I will help you to rank on Google SERP and Maps and also grow your reputation and authoritativeness in your local area. I will help you to get ranked on Google Maps and Google SERP and get more visitors to generate revenue to scale up the business.

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I will give you a FREE audit of your website and the Google listings and give you an actionable plan to rank on Google. You will also get a cheat sheet, which no one wants to let you know about.

Project 1

The buyer’s name is Anthony Grynchal. He is a real estate agent in Claremont, CA, USA and also the owner of the USA-based companies Mr. Cali and DLE Network. When I started working for him, the traffic was not that satisfying on his Google Business Profile and the website. Now the Google Business Profile is generating around 25k-30k visitors every month. He was good at posting regularly on his social media platform, and he was not getting enough calls from there, but when he thought to scale up his business, he started to invest in SEO.

Project 2

The buyer’s name is Gene Baldassano. He is the owner of a USA-based HVAC company named “Pure Comfort HVAC.” He is a very famous HVAC technician in Streamwood, IL, USA. He also wanted to scale up his business and got in contact with me to rank on Google’s top ranking. So I advised him on what to do and demonstrated the plan to him.He was impressed and took my service as he could visualize what results he was going to have after a month. Right now, his business is ranked in the Google Top Position in Google Search and Google Map results.

Project 3

Frank is one of the best clients I’ve ever had. He is a very humble and polite person who does understand how SEO works and has that much patience to get the results from SEO. We ranked for a few important keywords, and I am still working for him to get ranked for more keywords and land more satisfying quality visitors.

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Mazhar is highly competent and I enjoy working with him. He's very accurate and good. Thanks for your skills, Mazhar!

Anthony Grynchal

CEO of Mr. Claremont Real Estate

SEO Expert in Dhaka

He is a magician at what he does. Listen to him and you will receive the promised outcome. At first, I know because I challenged him early, and today...#1. Since then I have referred him often. But, not to my competitors

Frank Spencer

CEO of Mr. Chatsworth

Some Few Questions Before Hiring a Local SEO Expert in Dhaka

If you are a newbie and do not know about the digital world and SEO services, you need not worry. We are giving general knowledge about SEO to guide you. So keep reading!

SEO is a Search Engine Optimization of websites, a most crucial strategy for online businesses, is a detailed process of optimizing websites so that the website gets an online high ranking on search engines and gets more traffic from the public.
Many SEO experts, specialists, companies, and agencies offer SEO services to make your business and website successful in optimizing search engines. Optimization of search engines helps increase the visibility of a site in different search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Due to this, searchers can get accurate results according to their needs.
SEO is necessary because Google sets standards for the searchers to get a positive user experience. To meet these standards, SEO efforts are necessary to be encountered. Proper attention to SEO services make the website recognizable on Google and gives leading information for search queries.

There are built-in robots used by search engines that have access to trillions of web pages available on the internet. These search engine robots get information about the content and keywords of the web pages. All the possible information about a website, such as images, videos, text, and numeric, are scanned by robots in the form of codes. Once all the data about the specific website is gathered, the next step for robots is to place it to indexes according to the information type, which is helpful for the searchers. The index is a search engine store where all the possible web results are shown according to the searchers’ search.
The primary task of search engines is to evaluate the well-suited result and the already existing data and information on the internet related to the searchers’ search. As the robots streamline all the search engines to index, Google provides the best result to the searcher. When the searcher types specific requirements such as any product, company, industry, or store, that search algorithm matches the relevant information already stored in the search engine index. It provides an accurate result to the searcher’s query. This is a point at which SEO experts are mastered. Hundreds of signals are used by the platform to align and order the content searches for searchers. SEO specialists skill these signals.

Remember that index and algorithm specifics are not released by Google ever due to security and other confidential purposes. So SEO can’t predict where the optimized search engine lies in online ranking. It requires continuous optimization of a website to keep it visible in Google searches and indexes.

Sometimes, people go for their search engine optimization, which is not a practice, by the way. People avoid contacting SEO professionals, which can create difficulty in achieving more traffic and visibility of search engines. Opting for your search engine optimization is not suggested in the competitive business industry. Let’s discuss an example for your further help and guidance.
Any commercial restaurant wants to solve people’s queries and also want a high ranking on its search engine such as “best restaurants near me” and “What will be the best choice?”. This competition becomes challenging, and it isn’t easy to compete with online competitors without professional experience and knowledge of search engine optimization.
Moreover, many other factors might need SEO services, such as the time and scope required to execute SEO continuously for a long period successfully. It requires skills in many diverse fields that include;
• Content writing.
• Web designing.
• CSS.
• Machine language.
• Web strategy.
• PR.
• UX/UI.
• Typography.
• Videography.
• JavaScript.

The technological world is progressing day by day. Bangladesh is not out of the race in this flourishing era of information and technology. Bangladesh has been moving forward in the field of digital marketing for decades. This digitalization opened many locked doors for people in business and entrepreneurs who want to expand their business worldwide. Many Bangladeshis do their business online through websites and blogs and wish to rank their websites in Google Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).
If you are a resident of Bangladesh and are worried about selecting the best SEO services to invest in, here are the tips that would help you choose the best:

• There are many SEO companies and agencies of Bangladesh with their websites on the internet. You can review their sites and look at the SEO services.
• Every SEO company or individual SEO experts develop their signature SEO plan. Published plans are available online through which you can get help.
• Along with demanding a list of deliverables from SEO agencies and SEO experts, also appeal for custom pricing.
• You can ask for previous clients’ reviews and complete SEO campaigns.
• Low-cost SEO experts and companies are troublesome in many cases. They do not provide quality content and satisfactory results. It is a piece of general advice to look for a more qualified and experienced SEO specialist who might offer more price. But investing money one time and getting relieved for a long time is preferable to short term work.
• For more satisfaction, you can meet an SEO expert if you can. They help solve your queries, and a good relationship between expert and client can be made.
SEO experts or companies assuring you of guaranteed results are suspicious because it is impossible to predict and guarantee the search engine lies in ranking and search results after optimization.

Why Local SEO?

Importance of local SEO

People are unaware of the importance of SEO. They only focus on the theme and content of the website and complaint about less traffic. It is mandatory to get familiarity w the importance of local SEO. Almost 94% of traffic on the website depends upon search engines. Search engines are the deciding factors for a website’s placement in search results. One should know about the facts about search engines to choose the local SEO expert and search engine wisely. If you desire traffic on your web page and want it to be found and ranked highly, here are some facts which you should keep in mind about search engines and Google.

best local seo expert in bangladesh

• Google has a 92% market sheet and is the most dominant search engine.
• Google routes more than 5.8B searches per day.
• Google routes more than 2T searches per year.
• 16 to 20% of brand new search engines are launched per year, being searched first.
• According to statistics, the first position’s click rate in search results is 19.3%, while the second position’s click rate is 10.57%, and it decreases as we go below in search results.
• Google searches accomplished on cell phones is 60%.
• Almost 33% of google searches on mobile are related to location.
• In-store visits, nearly 50% queries regarding “near me” results.
• Almost 75% of searchers do not click the other search results other than the first page of SERPs.
• 70% of searches related to food are accessed on mobile phones.
• Product searches on Google are 46%.

Consulting SEO experts and specialists benefits in many ways. It aids you to focus on your business and remain to worry less about other things. It also enhances the performance of search engines. It helps to maintain the SEO strategy for an extended period. Below are some examples.

• It gets aid in specialized and technical areas of SEO such as On-Page, Off-Page, and local SEO.
• It helps to provide the best SEO services to ensure the website’s ranking. Professionals perform several SEO tasks such as web content creation, research of keywords, and many more.
• Continuous check and balance for the successful working of search engines and investments’ tracking return. Experts access different software for these purposes.

best local seo expert in bangladesh

Local SEO Expert in Dhaka

With of advent of technology, where anything in the world is just a click away, the world has become a global village. In this modern era, everyone has access to the internet, and people prefer to work from home rather than opt for traditional job opportunities. For the last few decades, business companies have been fluctuating their business in the digital world. Whether the business is of clothing brands, household items, professional things, art, craft, or anything, it is flourishing online. Millions of websites are accessible through the internet by which one can not only purchase things but also sell products worldwide. If you are a national citizen of Dhaka and want to do business digitally, there is no need to worry. If you want more traffic and audience to your website and want to flourish your business, the local SEO services in Dhaka are available, which you can acquire.

Best SEO expert in Dhaka designs websites by keeping the needs and demands of clients and society in mind as the search engine should be SEO-friendly, it should serve as a marketing mix, and more people should visit the website.

Dhaka is a hub of SEO experts. Are you in search of a top SEO expert in Dhaka? Here I am for your help. Below is my introduction with my expertise, experiences in the related field, and qualifications. As the best SEO expert in Bangladesh, I assure you that my services will never disappoint you.

SEO services in Dhaka

Following are the SEO services that are offered in Bangladesh so does I offer. Look at them, get familiar with your respective demand, and feel free to approach me. You will never be disappointed!

This is the initial step to startup the SEO plan. SEO experts need to know the basic information about the needs and demands of the client. Best SEO specialist in Bangladesh listens to you carefully note down your goals, demands, requirements, vision, and business keenly. This is usually the crucial step of SEO strategy as the experts have to search out and decide the best search engine optimization of your web page from SERPs.
In this step, analysis of the project takes into account by reviewing the products and services you are providing. Later SEO strategy depends upon the goals of the client. For example, if you are a writer or publisher, you might want more traffic to your blog or official web page. Professional SEO streamlines the main headings of the SEO projects and works accordingly.

In the web analysis process, all the factors which can impact the business are analyzed. Moreover, metrics and signals are the basic analytics adopted to promote the business website. This is an elementary step to check out the given project.

Once the website is analyzed, the next step is to select specific keywords that suit your business, increasing the visibility of a website on the internet and helping users and the public reach your business quickly. Search volume, finding of long-tail keywords, and difficulty in keywords are also examined in keyword research. Well-selected keywords enhance the quality of the website, and frequent usage of these keywords in the website content also matters. It provides intellect and outlook, which creates an optimistic impact on a website’s SEO.

According to my opinion and experience, SEO workers’ selection of the wrong keyword causes great destruction to the website and affects the business. I have also seen that many websites rank high in Google because of good keywords, and I have concluded that keyword research is one of the core steps in SEO strategy. I am a master keyword researcher. If you are worried about selecting keywords or do not have any information about the competitor’s keyword, leave your problem to me. I will do thorough research on keyword research, even if it is time-consuming, and provide you with a remarkable keyword for your site, which will do wonders. I usually use Ahrefs for my keyword research for search engine optimization.

To increase the visibility of the site and the impact of a search engine, it is a must to check out the SEO competitors and opponents on the internet. Sometimes, business persons do not know about search engine opponents, and they think of the same as business competitors and opponents, but these are two completely different things. It is essential to search out and analyze the SEO competitor and check their online strength. The best practice is to fill the gaps of a competitor in your search engine service to increase the quality and improve the project’s search engine ranking.

Identification of SEO opponents goes well only if the SEO expert has complete knowledge about the online world. SEO experts in bd are mastered in it. I have learned about the technique and implemented it on my previous clients’ projects which should be opted to check the opponent’s strength. I am assuring you that I will fix the gaps of a competitor in your search engine, which will uplift your web page globally.

Optimization of the speed of the page must be taken into account seriously. The searchers’ response to your content mainly depends on it. If the click time of your search engine is slow and the loading time is longer, searchers lose interest in the website and go back from your site without having a look at your web content and opt for other search options. So, optimizing the page speed and the optimization of the search engine is vital to increase the web page traffic.
Speed of the page is further classified into three categories that collectively affect the page speed.

Largest Contentful Paint (LCP): This is the speed time of the web page from the click on the web URL to the sight of the searcher on the main content of web site.
First Input Delay (FID): This is a time of the web page from the click on the web URL to the interaction of the searcher with the content of the web page, such as clicking, copying, etc.
Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS): This number shows the stability of your web elements and text even it is loading or fully loaded. The ideal case is when this number is low.
Moreover, the web speed also depends upon the cleanliness of your site. SEO experts optimize images and their sizes for this option, limit ads and media features, and stick to two or fewer font styles to avoid overloading. This helps to cleanse your website and enhance page speed.

Along with basic search engines optimization requirements such as on-page, off-page, and SEO audits, optimizing the website’s backend is also necessary. Technical SEO service provided by SEO experts of Bangladesh focuses on this issue, along with basic optimization, which is usually not offered in other countries’ SEO experts.
Technical SEO services include enhancement of page speed, architecture of site, increasing technical ranking factor, web development, Metadata optimization and backlinks. Metadata optimization helps to increase the click rates of web searches results. It also enhances image ranking and helps your website pop up on voice searches. This SEO package provides an all-in-one solution to all your site’s bugs. If you have a business of e-commerce store, you might face the backend issues of the website most of the time. Local SEO services in Bangladesh are the best services to minimize these issues.

Once the keywords research is completed, the next step in SEO strategy is to audit the website. If any SEO expert or company’s SEO plan do not include this step, it shows that their services are not satisfactory. A technical audit is a deep analysis of the website to look for the gaps in the website. It clarifies to the SEO experts what should be done to optimize the web quality and ranking along with on-page and off-page optimization.

If you know nothing about SEO audits, you need not worry. I provide an in-depth analysis of the current strategy of the website and evaluate from an SEO perspective to excel in it. The Technical SEO audit process involves code analysis of the website, diagnostic tests to find spam, and other bugs and amendments. Including these, there are many more items of site audits that SEO experts prioritize in their SEO strategies.

My SEO audit scheme look for the answers to the following questions to process the work;

Crawlability: Whether the search engine can access your website content or not?
Indexability: Whether your search engine is indexed in Google directories or not?
User experience: Whether your web page responds quickly upon URL click or takes time?

On-Page optimization is a core of SEO services that mainly focuses on title tags, web content, and other essential optimizations. If any SEO expert, company, or agency does not offer on-page optimization, do not trust their services. Go for another option. Moreover, some agencies are not experts in on-page audits and do not process from optimization of web pages. We provide the best on-page optimization service with expert skills that increase web pages’ traffic and allot a high ranking to your search engine.
Here are some examples of on-page search engine optimization services which I offer;

• Analyzing page speed, graphic designing, technical content writing, and website usability.
• Auditing the website’s internal linking configuration and architecture information, including redirects.
• Creation of sitemaps.
• Updating of title tags, header tags, and Meta descriptions for searches.
• Optimization of images attached to the website.
• Proper research and analysis of keywords relevant to your website and valuable optimization.

On-page optimization plays a significant role in Google’s ranking of the website. If it is not appropriately optimized, other search engines on Google do not understand your website’s information. And if it is not understood, it is tough for a search engine to rank it to Google Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). So, On-Page SEO is essential for any website, whether it is an E-Commerce, business, or commercial website.

As On-Page optimization is necessary for internal factors of websites, Off-Page optimization is also necessary to look after the external factors of your website. It focuses on the website’s backlinks to improve the ranking of search engines. Its optimization is related to the online availability of the owner of the website. Your website’s backlink profile states the other linking websites to your site regarding the quality of search engines.

Many SEO professionals take off-page into account only for the betterment of link building, but it’s pretty much more than only backlinks optimization. SEO experts of Bangladesh have complete and skilled knowledge of off-page optimization and all the aspects covered under this service in SEO strategy. My services optimize your website internally and improve your website’s ranking by the outside factors.

I am providing the following off-page SEO services in Bangladesh;
• Development of shareable content for your site.
• Promotion of your web content to other blog pages and websites.
• Proper monitoring of tags of your website on other social media platforms to improve ranking and invite traffic.

If you are unsure whether the SEO Company or SEO experts offer on-page and off-page optimization, look upon my previous services and SEO plan charts. Whenever you choose an SEO expert, choose wisely!

The link building process comprises actions and steps taken to boost the quality and number of inbound links on the website. This practice increases the ranking of a search engine and the number of high-quality hyperlinks established from external websites. Link building is an essential marketing and SEO tactic to increase search engine ranking and web page content awareness.
As an SEO expert in bd, I have witnessed many clients who have suffered badly because of bad backlinks. Clients have shared their views that they always look for a person who is an expert in link building. This choice compromises the quality of the website’s content, and sometimes, unfortunately, Google penalizes the website because of wrong links. If you have also faced that issue and want to be safe in future, I am here to help you in this regard. I do not go for too many backlinks but what I build is worth it. I assure you to provide 100 per cent authorized work with the site suited links.

Building a local citation of online business is one of the starting points to expand the business’ visibility online. It includes the information and listing of the name of the owner of the business, phone number, address, and email address. This data is usually known as NAP data. Along with this information, a URL link of your website is also considered as NAP data.
Searchers can cite the particular webpage by citing the local business information provided by the business owner. For building influential citations of web pages, SEO experts and companies of Bangladesh offer the best services, which helps the website be marked in online directories for SEO strategies.
The features of local citation of SEO that SEO expert in Bangladesh offers includes;

o Website of the company.
o Images.
o Opening and closing hours.
o Categories of business.
o Description of business.
o Driving direction.
o Links of social media profiles of owners and workers.
o Email address.

I analyze the online business market and look for a parallel website that helps me build quality content for your website. Organic links can be generated to advance the domain authority and ranking in the search engine results.

DA, Domain Authority is a ranking score of search engines developed by Moz. This ranking predicts where a website ranks in search engine result pages (SERPs). Usually, Domain Authority’s ranking score ranges from one to hundred. The more the DA score of the webpage, the greater the ranking of the web page on the internet.
SEO expert in Bangladesh provides quality services that will help improve the website’s DA ranking. They help generate pure and genuine links, which improves the ranking of search engine results.
If you want to boost your website, the best SEO specialist in Bangladesh helps you by offering several SEO services in Bangladesh to increase the DA of your site. Some are given below;

o They attain quality backlinks from authoritative sites.
o They create quality content and worthy links.
o They audit your site and eliminate corrupt links.
o They enhance user experience and optimize the structure of the website.
o They improve the internal links of the web page.

Content of the web page plays a fundamental role in bringing organic traffic to your web page. Still, many SEO marketers usually do not offer effective content writing for the website in SEO project plans, which affects the page quality. Top SEO expert in Bangladesh helps you write quality content for your site to increase online ranking. SEO expert in Bangladesh does not compromise search engine optimization by any means.

When the searcher searches for any site, the search engine looks for the most appropriate option in the Google directories. Search engines thoroughly look upon the quality of the page’s content and arrange the algorithms of the google searches accordingly. For example, you have a business of mobile phone back covers, and you sell them online. The content of the web page can be created by adding the history of phones’ ornaments of how they have been made, adding prices of the covers along with them, respective models of mobile phones, and the images of covers from different angles. This undoubtedly increases the page’s ranking, as does the SEO expert content writers.

SEO’s fundamental objective is to lead the searcher to the best-targeted page. Once the web page is accessed, the searcher’s next impression is its layout and style. So web designing of the SEO website should be a priority. It is based on different strategies.

The top SEO expert in Bangladesh is mastered in website designing of the website, too, because of the balance between SEO and website is designing for desired outcomes. While styling the web page, some SEO elements get updated upon the usage of the site. These are;

o Introduction of keywords in headings.
o Subject headers.
o Anchor text.
SEO website designers like me go for the following strategies to increase the traffic to the directed web page.
o Insertion of photographs.
o Addition of quotations of motivation.
o Usage of infographics rather than writing long content.
o Animations and GIFs to look attractive.
o The specific coloured theme of the website.
o Allotting appropriate names to visuals under “alt text” to identify the significance for search engines.

Sometimes, the inattention of website owners and hiring of wrong SEO officials result in SEO spamming. It usually happens due to the implantation of irrelevant links on blogs, websites, etc., by hackers to lower the website’s ranking and reduce traffic. Due to improper check and balance of the website’s search engine, keep that irrelevant links on your site for a long time, reduce the quality of the website, and invite third party viewers to your website.

Sometimes, these links are too large, which can damage the website if ignored. The spam should be analyzed and fixed timely. SEO expert in Dhaka does not compromise the website’s quality. My services will not disappoint you in this regard. I deeply research links to detect backlinks and fix them for the sake of the website’s ranking.

Local SEO expert in Bangladesh looks at the quality of search engines, and search engines look for the quality of backlinks. Backlinks are the links that give ideas for your site. SEO looks at which particular site and links point to your website through search engines. It increases your site’s demand and quality and the amazing content and quality of the website’s layout. Search engines themselves look for websites having quality content and want to link with that particular site. It mainly depends upon the quality of backlinks. For example, if you have a food blog and other influential sites that link with your food blog site, the search engine will make your work visible as most relevant and authoritative.

Moreover, there have been black sheep that abused the ranking signals. While hiring an SEO expert or SEO Company, make sure to examine the honesty and procedure of an SEO expert and do not compromise on backlinks. I emphasize and prioritize the analysis of backlinks to increase the demand for the client’s web page.

Get a FREE one-to-one consultation with Me

I will give you a FREE audit of your website and the Google listings and give you an actionable plan to rank on Google. You will also get a cheat sheet, which no one wants to let you know about.

I am

I am Mazharul Islam, an SEO expert in Dhaka. I am a trusted and professional SEO expert in bd, having immense experience in search engine optimization. I have done a certified one-year Data Entry Course from Bangladesh Govt. Institute in 2015. I am an SEO expert in Dhaka with an overwhelming response history from clients. I have been working in a renowned SEO company in Dhaka for years and have proved myself the best SEO expert in Dhaka. I am working internationally on freelancing websites such as Fiverr and Upwork as a top seller.

Frankly speaking, when I stepped into search engine optimization, it was not as complicated to optimize the website as it has become nowadays. With the advent of technology, Google algorithms have become so advanced and complicated that laypeople cannot go for SEO by themselves. Due to this issue, the market demand for an SEO expert in Bangladesh has increased. I call myself an SEO expert in Dhaka because I trust my expertise and knowledge of SEO and the other services related to this field. I have completed many projects and received a pretty good response from clients. You can trust my services too.

Usually, clients face issues of high market prices, due to which they consult an inexperienced SEO worker who does not offer quality work. Your issue is also resolved because you are in the right place now. It's a blessing in disguise when you get quality work at favourable prices. My rates for SEO services are pretty cheap. My happy clients appreciate my non-comprisable efforts at a low price.

My expertise in SEO includes;

  •  On-page SEO.
  • Off-page SEO.
  • Local SEO.
  • Broken link building.
  • Website designing.
  • Keyword research.
  • SEO audit.
  • Google My Business Optimization.
  • Digital marketing.
  • Local Citations.
  • Data management.


As you have reached my website, you have indeed come to know that I have optimized my website's search engine and ranked it in Google and Bing. I am sure you are now satisfied with my expertise in SEO. If you want the best SEO services in Bangladesh, just hand over your website to me and feel relaxed. I will help you rank your business website as number one in Google. 

SEO marketing services in Bangladesh

Local SEO marketing services are flourishing in Dhaka day by day because of various updates and innovations in algorithms of search engines by search engine companies like Google and Ask Jeeves. Local SEO experts and SEO companies should offer SEO specialized services to meet the updates. Fortunately, the Best SEO specialist in Bangladesh is mastered and experience in working with new updates in search engines. They will indeed manage all the problems in your search engine and guide you in the best way. The marketing services offered by the best SEO specialist in Dhaka boost your website and make it competitive in the online world.
Some of the standard marketing services offered by local SEO expert in Bangladesh are;
• Local SEO.
• Ecommerce SEO.
• SEO audits.
• Voice SEO.

Suggestions of top SEO expert in Dhaka

Along with the local SEO services in Bangladesh, top SEO expert in Dhaka provides guidance and tips to clients, which will help them in future regarding their website’s quality and content. Some valuable practices that one should adopt to rank the web page’s search engine are given below;
• Always use relevant and proper keywords.
• Use headings and specific headlines in the website’s content to make it easy to read.
• Make sure the content of your website is relevant, plagiarism-free, original, and meet the needs of the searchers.
• Use visuals with text to make it presentable and understandable.
• Regularly update your web page content and upload a fresh one. It increases the ranking of search engines.

Get a FREE one-to-one consultation with Me

I will give you a FREE audit of your website and the Google listings and give you an actionable plan to rank on Google. You will also get a cheat sheet, which no one wants to let you know about.